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Book Marketing Tools

Book marketing can range from $0 to $tratsophere so it’s always a smart idea to have a solid, viable plan going in. This page is filled with book marketing tools that range from free to $24.95. There are lists of reviewers, social media plans, bullet-pointed directions on how to do certain tasks (including how to market your book), and author resources that come in handy while you’re still writing and producing your book.

Because one of our goals is to make sure our authors stay on the right track and don’t fall victim to bad information, we’re constantly trying to stay on top of the information you need to know, while always making them as affordable as possible for you. More than half of these tools are complimentary to you. Pass them on!!

We also have an entire Book Marketing Plan for you – see Buzz: Your Super Sticky Book Marketing Plan that also serves as a complete book marketing reference guide.

If there’s something you’d like us to add to our Book Marketing Toolkit, please let us know and we’ll research to the nines and upload it for you here.

One-on-One Book Marketing Consultation

We also offer a 3-hour, one-on-one Book Marketing Consultation. We sit down with you, talk about exactly who is your target demographic and how we get in front of them. It’s a custom conversation, of course, because each of us have a different book, different goals, budgets, skill sets, etc. We do this consultation via Zoom, and we’ve found it’s best to break it into two or three sessions – otherwise it can get overwhelming.

Our Book Marketing Consultation gives you a solid foundation of who you’re targeting, and the tools to get there. It’s $495.

PS: If you have a team of people to help you market, go ahead and invite them, too!

3-Hour Book Marketing Consultation – $495

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