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You’re here because you’re ready to start your journey to becoming a published author. Congratulations, that’s a step well worth taking. In fact, you’ve come to the right place if you’re wondering what the next step involves. It’s time for us to meet! We have a range of different contact options that cater to your unique requirements. 
You can always contact Polly directly at:

Initial FREE Consultation

Whether you have an interesting idea for a book, or you’ve just polished off the last chapter of your manuscript, and you want to learn what happens next, a complimentary 30-minute consultation is for you. During this chat, we want to hear about your book, your dreams, goals, your desired publishing platform, and your ideas. From there, we show you how the entire book publishing process works, before offering options for the next stage of the development of your book. Click the red button to get started!

One-On-One Consultation

There are some talented authors out there who are capable of doing a substantial amount of research to put their book on the fast track to success. However, if you need reassurance or tips on the next steps to take, you can hire one of our skilled and experienced publishing consultants for one hour at a time. Even if you just need advice on book marketing, or to know how to stay on the right path, a one-on-one meeting can achieve just that. Click on the green button to the right!

3-Hour, One-On-one Book Marketing Consultation

This 3-hour book marketing consultation is a popular option for many new authors, as we use our experience and up-to-date knowledge of the marketplace to position your book.

During the consultation, we will use our book marketing plan Buzz! to find what will best work for you, your target demographic, budget, the genre of your book and your long-term goals.

We do the consultation via Zoom in two to three meetings in order to make it stick.

Click the 3-hour book marketing consultation button to the right to start marketing your book. It’s $695 and we encourage you to bring your whole marketing team.

Spot Coaching

Part of My Word Publishing’s mission is to save you from expensive mistakes. We can manage your entire publishing program, and free you up to run your own business. But if you’re ready to make your own way in the publishing world, you can still feel like someone is holding your hand by investing in Spot Coaching.

Spot Coaching enables you to ask one our consultants 10 questions for $199, finally giving you the answers to those burning questions you just couldn’t answer yourself. Gather all your questions, with solutions that should be five minutes or less, and email, text, or call us. Alternatively, you can ask one at a time over the course of a year. You have the option to choose.

Samples of what one of these 10 questions can be:

  1. “I’m setting up KDP and what button should I hit, x or z?”
  2. “What should I do first, get my ISBN or register for my LCCN?”
  3. “Do you have a good contact for editing my genre?”
  4. “Could you review my KDP page to make sure I hit all the right points?”
  5. “My Amazon page says, “Out of Stock” — what up?!”
  6. “Amazon put my book on sale, I don’t want it on sale, what do I do?”
  7. “My friend said I should xyz, do you agree?”
  8. “What are the pros and cons to KDP Select?”
  9. “How do I contact Amazon?”
  10. “I just got a great testimonial. Can you put it up on Amazon for me?”

Spot Coaching is an invaluable tool to have at your side and keep you from making ugly mistakes.

To start your Spot Coaching, click the green button to your right. It’s the best publishing deal going!

Become a Publishing Consultant

Interested in becoming a publishing consultant and helping authors launch their books into the world?