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A self-publishing company who works for you

Self-publishing has taken a wild ride in the past couple of years. And all for the better. Traditional publishing companies are either going out of business or merging to the point where there are only five left. Therefore they have to turn down 99% of the manuscripts that land on their desk. Because of this, many folks are resorting to a self-publishing company to fulfill their publication needs.

The good news is that with growth and technological breakthroughs not only can we publish our own books, but we can make all the decisions — and change them on the spot if they don’t work, at little or no cost!

Those of us at My Word! Publishing navigate you through the process, but more important, we guide you to the right people; the vendors who bring your book alive. Our goal is to have you publish the book that you want, and to have it be a joyful exciting experience, as opposed to a stressful one. Polly, our founder, says, “At My Word! Publishing we want authors to birth the book of their vision, seamlessly, swiftly, and affordably.”

We’re your resource to make it happen!

You can write a business book, solidifying your role as an expert in your field. Or put together grandma’s family recipes to assure they’re safe for generations to come. We’ve worked with romantic comedies, horror stories, cook books, memoirs, workbooks, even the great American novel. You can create a book for use within your company, maybe to distribute only throughout your extended family, or for a mass audience with national distribution. You can print five books or 5,000, and we’ll show you how to keep it the most cost effective.

At My Word! Publishing we can guide you from your book idea through publication and marketing, or you can cherry pick the services that you want. And whichever services you choose, you always make the final decisions, you keep the profits, and you keep all distribution and copyrights. In other words, at My Word! it’s your book.

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Aw, shucks, we don’t want to brag, but…

  • “My phenomenal team at My Word took me from ‘I think (maybe) I can publish my children’s picture book’, to ‘I DID!'”

    Melanie Eulbert, Author of Sylvana Takes a Spin
  • “I can’t wait to use My Word Publishing for my second book! Professional, respectful service with attention to detail. I am incredibly grateful to this team for making it so easy and fun for me to complete the publishing process!”

    Ruth Anderson, Author of One Love: Divine Healing at Open Clinic
  • “One of the best things about working with Polly was that she didn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear, but rather challenged me to fully re-think some of my ideas which was much needed as I moved through the process of becoming a published author. Additionally, the frequent follow-up after my book launch has also been appreciated. I always recommend Polly and her team to anyone I meet who tells me they are writing a book.”

    Roni Wing Lambrecht, Author of Parenting At Your Best, A Parent’s Guide for Journaling to Their Child, and A Parent’s Journal to Their Child
  • “This team is professional, very talented and I came away from the experience knowing I had accomplished my dream. I also appreciate the post-publishing tools and workshops they offer.”

    Barbra Russell, MA LPC. Author of Yes! I Said No!
  • “Working with Polly and her team was the best choice I could have made! I learned so much about the publishing process, while making all the final decisions, and she walked me through each important step. I wouldn’t do it any differently.”

    Christina L. Schmidt, Author of Falling Like Ember
  • “I spent a year on my own trying to figure out all these details. Thank GOD I found Polly and her team. They were prompt, honest, and skilled. Please don’t waste your time elsewhere!”

    Carrie Dickie, Author of Network Marketing: The View from Venus
  • “What I liked best about working with My Word Publishing is I could feel their involvement. (Polly) was always available and very patient with a first timer, and I came out with a quality product.”

    Marilyn Whelan, Author of Caviar Living on Fish Stick Money
  • “Polly and her team held my hand through the entire system and looked after my best interest every step of the way. I tell all my colleagues and friends of this fabulous team.”

    Michele Ashby, Author of Secrets of a Closet Millionaire: A Step-by-Step Guide to Financial Freedom
  • “My Word Publishing guided and directed me through the intimidating arena of self-publishing, and did it with ease and grace, leaving me feeling totally confident, and supported. I feel so blessed to have had this wonderful group of professionals by my side throughout this exciting journey.”

    Jo Virden, Author of My Darling Dorothy
  • “My Word Publishing took care of everything. Thankfully! Because I did not know what needed to be done, how to do, or did not want to do! And my book went on to take the First Place at the CIPA book awards. I’m forever grateful.”

    Sunny Weber, Author of Beyond Flight or Flight: A Compassionate Guide for Working with Fearful Dogs
  • “The team at My Word Publishing is outstanding! They are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and thorough in their attention to detail to help you through every step of the publishing process. They are committed to helping you publish a book you can be proud of, and they do it with a lot of love, support, compassion, and humor. I highly recommend My Word Publishing!”

    Cheryl Ilov, Author of Forever Fit and Flexible
  • “You have been this incredible rock and guide through this entire self-publishing process and made everything so easy. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel…”

    Fiona Havlish, Author of In Full Voice
  • “Can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done to help make what I never imagined I could do into something so striking. Forever grateful.”

    David Clark, Author of A Long Walk with Sally
  • “My eternal gratitude for your advice, encouragement, and guidance
    regarding book publishing when I was floundering by myself.”

    Russ Towne, Author of Clyde and I
  • “Your team is AWESOME!!!!! Thank God I found you.”

    David Faulkner, Author of Superheroes
  • “I never worried about a thing. I knew I was well taken care of.”

    Kris Jordan, Author of Stain
  • “I could not have been more satisfied with the way they stayed on top of the project, explained to me each step and left me with absolutely no worry or hassle.
    You can trust the people at My Word Publishing to listen and get the job done.”

    Trish Downing, Author of Cycle of Hope
  • “Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me and my family in helping create my book.”

    Jenna Spille, Author of God’s Got This
  • “Working with Polly…smart, kind, reliable, ‘on it’, indispensable!
    My book, Growing Home, made it into print because of her outstanding care and guidance.”

    Jane Schreiner, Author of Growing Home
  • “Polly brought to me an experienced perspective as a writer, publisher and coordinator.”

    Mark Glaser, Author of 58 Feet
  • “The expert guidance from My Word Publishing was just the right push I needed to bring my novel to life.
    The network of self-publishing professionals was top notch and skilled.”

    Ben Larned, Author of Fools Gold
  • “Having the My Word Publishing team guide me, saved me a very bumpy path and made for a smooth process!”

    Cindi Rogers, Author of Finding Mrs. Rogers
  • “My Word Publishing expertly navigated me through the unfamiliar waters of self-publishing!”

    Jen Noonan, Author of In Due Time
  • “I cannot express how grateful I am for her assistance, and I will never go elsewhere with my next books.”

    Anthonette Klinkerman, award-winning author of Battle of the Grandmas
  • “Everyone talks about what a struggle it is to publish a book. My Word Publishing made it seamless.
    (And psst, I was #1 on Amazon in a day!)”

    Carey Conley, Author of Vision is Victory

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