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Self-publishing has taken a wild ride in the past couple of years. And all for the better. Traditional publishing companies are either going out of business or merging to the point where there are only five left. Therefore they have to turn down 99% of the manuscripts that land on their desk. Because of this, many folks are resorting to a self-publishing company to fulfill their publication needs.

The good news is that with growth and technological breakthroughs not only can we publish our own books, but we can make all the decisions — and change them on the spot if they don’t work, at little or no cost!

Those of us at My Word Publishing navigate you through the process, but more important, we guide you to the right people; the vendors who bring your book alive. Our goal is to have you publish the book that you want, and to have it be a joyful exciting experience, as opposed to a stressful one. Polly, our founder, says, “At My Word Publishing we want authors to birth the book of their vision, seamlessly, swiftly, and affordably.”

Through My Word Publishing, we’ll help you learn how to self-publish your book, how to market your book, and all the steps in between.

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