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Bryan Canter

Bryan Canter

Publishing Consultant, Audiobook Conversion Consultant

What do you need to make your book a success? As a Certified Publishing Consultant with My Word Publishing, Bryan Canter will work with you to design a publishing project tailored to your specific goals.

Bryan is a historical fiction author and retired Army officer with overseas tours in Iraq, Korea, and Okinawa. He has degrees in engineering physics, religious studies, and telecommunications.  His love of literature prompted him to complete a Masters level “great books” program at St. John’s College. Two of his books, Daughter of the Gods and The Bethany Tales, hit #1 in their categories on Amazon.

As an international speaker and educator, Bryan has addressed large groups and conducted training seminars in venues across the USA, Nicaragua, India, Scotland, the Middle East, and Japan.  He regularly presents online trading and investing courses for Anderson Business Advisors.

Bryan has the project management skills to guide your non-fiction business, travel, professional, or how-to book through the publishing process. His love of fantasy, sci-fi, thrillers, and historical fiction, along with his own personal publishing experience, make him well suited to help your fiction novel reach readers around the world. Bryan lives full-time in a motorhome with his beautiful wife, Dawn, visiting historic sites and enjoying the amazing natural beauty of the United States.

Aside from print, Bryan can also consult with you about your audiobook conversion. Contact Bryan for a free consultation today.

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