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Book Marketing

Book marketing can range from $0 to $tratsophere. It’s also the toughest part of the publishing process. Add to the fact that there is an endless stream of ideas, ads, and services, flying all over your social media, and it’s not unusual to get overwhelmed, throw up your arms and cry uncle.

We try desperately to stay on top of all the services, and we’re constantly tweaking our services for you.

Here are 5 ways we can help you with your book marketing

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Amazon Optimization $299

One specialty we have honed is how to optimize your Amazon account. We go well beyond “traditional SEO” and research the keywords and categories that are specific to Amazon. We also research what categories your competition is in, and we can tell you how many books you need to sell in a day to hit the top 10 in each category!

3. Amazon Power Boost and Best Seller Campaign $695 or $195

Another specialty we have created is our Amazon Power Boost & Best Seller Campaign. It’s not the old-fashioned campaign where you get everyone you know to purchase your book on the same day. We have discovered that oftentimes the old-fashioned approach does a lot more harm than good because you’re getting your book into the hands of people well outside your target demographic. Our campaign essentially trains Amazon to recognize who your target is so they will continue to put your book in front of them. In other words, we train Amazon to work for us.

Since we optimize your account as part of the setup for your campaign, you won’t need the additional Optimization listed in #2 above. From there, we organize and manage your campaign to get in front of the right people, blasting over a two-day period. We would be happy to organize this campaign for you (and we’re darn good at it!) for $695. OR you can do it yourself through an online class at $195.

NOTE: In order to do this campaign for you, your book must already be published on KDP—and in eBook format.

Your Super Sticky Book Marketing Plan $695

We offer a three-hour book marketing consultation where together we hone in on your target demographic and lay out the best practices for you to reach them. This consultation is done in three one-hour sessions, so it’s at a very comfortable pace and helps us alleviate the overwhelm.

As part of the book marketing consultation, we discuss who your market is, what your skillset is, and what the best marketing practices are for you, as well as what your budget and time commitment are. Then, we lay it out like a checklist across a timeline. We do not actually do the marketing for you, but we review the best practices to teach you how you can do it. From there, you can do the legwork yourself or delegate it to people who specialize in those tasks.

You can do a lot of these book marketing practices by yourself; in fact, most things you can do by yourself at no cost! BUT, if you choose to delegate some tasks to others, we will talk about our vetted helpers.

P.S. If you have a team of people to help you market, go ahead and invite them to join us. 

Kindle A+ Content $199

Kindle A+ Content is an opportunity that KDP now offers us, allowing us to zip up our Amazon sales pages with graphics. It allows you to make your book stand out, connect readers with your books, and share more about your author story. From creating eye-catching banners to showcasing your editorial reviews, this is a great way to encourage readers to make a purchase of your book. Our Amanda Miller can create a zippy one for you!

Want To Chat About Marketing?

If you’d like to talk about any of our book marketing goodies, schedule a Discovery Call with us.

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Get Your Tuesday tips!

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Get Your Tuesday tips!

Get a helpful publishing tip every Tuesday. Click the button to sign up.

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