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Amanda Miller

Amanda Miller

Publishing Consultant

Amanda Miller is a certified publishing consultant with My Word Publishing, equipped with a degree in literature and professional experience in marketing. As a poetry writer, she understands that writing can often be a solitary and secluded job—but when it comes to publishing your work, you no longer have to be alone and in the dark on how to bring your work to its ultimate progression— a polished and professionally self-published book. She has produced works across all genres including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and children’s books.

As a project manager, Amanda ensures authors make all the right decisions and guides them every step of the way. Amanda believes that self-published authors should be having FUN choosing their editors, book designers and production team as they watch their manuscript transform into a professional book. If you are looking for a consultant who will keep your best interest in mind, make producing and publishing your book easy and enjoyable, hire Amanda.

Known for her professionalism, creativity, and collaborative spirit. Please review the kind words below from Amanda’s past author clients.

If you are interested in hiring Amanda, you may contact her directly at, or click here to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

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Testimonials for Publishing

Amanda is a PRO! She knows the ins and outs of the publishing business and is the ultimate guide through the process. She is reliable, knowledgeable and responsive… three of the best adjectives I know. Trust her to lead you to success… I did and look forward to working with her again with my next book.

Jill Solis
Author of Bunny Bart Needs a Heart

As a first-time author and complete novice at self-publishing, I would never have succeeded without the team at My Word Publishing working for me. They helped me navigate the maze of self-publishing, gave great advise, never tried to oversell their services and always acted in a professional manner. A special thanks to Amanda, my personal consultant who was a joy to work with. She handled every detail perfectly and was genuinely thrilled to help see my book become published.

Bruce Shutts
Author of The Moon in the Sky

A great experience. I came to MyWord with three middle grade and YA books that were already edited, but not proofed. So, i used their proof editor, interior layout, front and rear cover designer who also created a web page. I am delighted with the results and could not have have navigates through the maze of self-publishing without the attentive and expert help of Amanda. The books are now on Amazon. They have many marketing suggestions also. Check them out!

Jonathan Day
Author of the Sebastian Series

Amanda Miller from My Word Publishing has been an absolute blessing in my quest to become a published, now bestselling author. She has been there every step of the way; helping me find the right editor, proof editor, cover design and layout designer. Amanda is an absolute joy to work with, and her commitment to helping her clients is truly remarkable.

Rich Grogan
Author of Becoming Bully Proof

I HIGHLY recommend Amanda! She is extremely capable and smart, she gives excellent advice, and is quick to respond to concerns and questions. She was right on it, every time! I felt easily guided, wisely advised and relaxed knowing Amanda had things handled. She knows this industry! Time after time Amanda went the extra mile for me. She has great energy and enthusiasm and is delightful to work with. She listens, gets to the point and values other’s time. There was so much about the self-publishing process I didn’t know I didn’t know, but Amanda knew it. And she made it so easy and clear for me to get everything done right. Amanda is worth every cent!

Phyllis Mitz
Author of Love Stars

My Word Publishing was fantastic to work with and did a great job of demystifying the book publishing process. I felt like I had all the support that I needed to term my idea of a book into a published book that is available anywhere.

Jon Duncan
Author of Pirate Mouse and the Lost Map

Amanda is professional, swift to respond, fast to act, and pays attention to detail. I am very pleased with the results of our work together!

Jamie Dandar McKinney
Author of Speak Up, Sister!: The Professional Woman’s Guide to Confidence and Success

Thank you, Amanda!!! For the guidance, education and support in our collaboration-completion of my children’s book The Peace Plant Prophecy. Amanda navigated the publishing process all the way; including the introduction to Wolf Design, and the uploading of the completed book to Amazon, and Ingram.

Andy Bennett
Author of The Peace Plant Prophecy

I loved working with My Word Publishing and their knowledgeable and professional staff. They helped me make my own publishing company, whip my book into shape and get it into print and e-edition in a matter of months. They were very responsive and answered all my questions in a timely manner. And they were fun to work with. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Mary Bachran
Author of The Eucalyptus Blues

With the tremendous help of My Word Publishing the responsibility for certain tasks was delegated, removing much of the fear. They are leaders, cheerleaders, professionals in every aspect. The people at MWP want to set you up to succeed as a writer. Whether this is the first and only book you write or you are full time author, MWP makes Independent publishing possible. I highly recommend their services, from project management, to editing, to graphic design in and out, to marketing strategy MWP is a valuable resource.

Christy Texeira
Author of Pink Elephants: A Mother’s Story of Faith, Strength, and Perseverance

Top shelf experience for me. I had no clue- just a basic manuscript that needed help. The team of Amanda, Shelly and Victoria put their heads together and we ended up with a really great published product. They were my partners from Day 1, and I am extremely appreciative. I would definitely use them again!

Michael Dukes
Author of Talk from the Green

Amazon Power Boost & Bestseller Campaign Testimonials

Amanda is brilliant at everything she does! She guides me in social media promos, and has garnered several Amazon best seller awards for all my books! She is personable, intelligent, skilled, and up-to-date on the latest technologies for books and authors. I can recommend her without reservation!

Sunny Weber
Author of The Dog at the Gate: How a Throw-Away Dog Becomes Special

I so enjoyed working with My Word Publishing, they are truly experts in their field. I worked with Amanda who brought so much exposure to my children’s book on amazon kindle we went from being rated in the thousands to #1 in six categories. #1 Children’s environment and ecology books #1 Children’s astronomy & space books #1 Children’s alien books #1 Children’s multicultural stories #1 Children’s superhero action & adventure #2 in Children’s Girls and Women Books She was an absolute delight to work with which made the entire experience and process a joy.

Carolyn Wagner
Author of New World Girls

The Amazon Power Boost and Best Seller Campaign far exceeded my expectations, thanks to Amanda’s skill at precisely identifying and marketing to my target audience. MWP made my first experience as a writer one that I would highly recommend to anyone considering self-publishing. They are honest, fair, and professional. I am so thankful to have had the experience of working with such talented people.

Christy Texeira
Author of Pink Elephants: A Mother’s Story of Faith, Strength, and Perseverance

Thank you Amanda, I appreciate the great communication and beautiful results. I am recommending you to others!

Kelly McCausey

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