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Publishing Consultant
Certification Training Program

Prepare To Launch Your Own Publishing Consulting Company

My Word Publishing’s unique Publishing Consultant Certification Training program offers a 3-month, 31-module program that prepares you to launch your own publishing consulting company.

In 2012, Polly Letofsky started My Word Publishing, a new publishing model where they help authors professionally self-publish their books while maintaining 100% of ownership. That happened to be right when self-publishing was on the edge of exploding. In 2019, My Word Publishing went one step further and started a Publishing Consultant Certification Program to teach others how to become a Publishing Consultant and run their own consulting business! That means that now we’re not only helping authors have a better publishing experience, but also giving people an opportunity to have a fun, flexible, and lucrative career in a booming industry!

It’s time to grab your career freedom with our Publishing Consultant Certification Program!

Certified Publishing Consultant
Bryan Canter Graduation Photo

“Exceptional training program!
An extremely well-organized consulting system that is fine-tuned and

The training familiarized me with the publishing process in a clear and understandable way that thoroughly prepared me to manage publishing projects for my clients.”
Bryan Canter, Certified Publishing Consultant

The Publishing Consultant Certification Training Program Offers

32 Hours Of Personalized One-on-One Training

Customized Training Around Your Goals For Your Business

Live Discussion, Power Point, Videos, And Visiting Guests By Industry Leaders

Why Get Trained Through My Word Publishing’s Training Group?

The Publishing Consultant Certification Training has been devised around My Word Publishing’s new publishing model where we manage an author’s project through the entire process but maintain no ownership. The author maintains 100% of their rights, royalties, and final decisions. We are their advisor and manager, the dedicated production manager of their book project.
Amanda Miller Graduation Photo

“This Program was truly more valuable to me than any other course I had previously taken.

It pushed me to go outside my comfort zone and start becoming the entrepreneur I always dreamed of being.
Not only do you learn a lot, but Polly is also one of the best teachers you could ask for—always available to answer questions, and has a great personality to ensure you’re
having fun!”
Amanda Miller, Certified Publishing Consultant

Join Our Special Program

You’ll learn to help people tell their stories through self-publishing, work the hours you want, where you want, and enjoy unlimited earning potential. This market-tested, personalized training program may be just what you’re looking for in a new career.

This is NOT a recorded webinar course, this is 30-hour instruction Zoom course with one of our senior trainers. We will have discussion, Q&A, homework, a support system, so we make sure you know this information like you should!

What is a Publishing Consultant?

Manages an author’s project through the entire writing, production, publishing, and distribution process.

Informs, advises, and educates the author throughout their book publishing project so they have a seamless experience.

Assures that all timelines, budgets, communication, and even legalities
are covered.

Finds the right service providers
for the author.

Assures all details are covered.

Sets expectations all through the project so the author has no surprises.

Why Become a Publishing Consultant?

Help people tell their stories.

Enjoy a fun and creative job.

Enjoy the benefits of unlimited
earning potential.

Enjoy a fun and creative job and work the hours you want.

Support writers’ dreams to become published authors.

Own your own business in a
fast-growing industry.

What the Certification Program includes:

30 hours training: 1 to 3 people at a time via Zoom and Each session is recorded for future reference.

There are 31 modules, which include PowerPoint, video, homework,
and Q&A.

All the documents needed for you to manage an author’s entire
publishing process.

Access to training videos.

Certification test and diploma.

Options for ongoing mentoring as you start your business.

Camille Parker Graduation Photo

“The certification program was thorough, full of easy-to-follow lessons, and some homework. The small classes allowed me a comfort level to ask all of my questions.

I felt fully prepared to help clients maneuver the process after this 30 hours.”
Camille Parker, Certified Publishing Consultant

Is this program right for you?

Self-Qualify Yourself

Since 2012, My Word Publishing has honed a market-tested, updated publishing model. Let us teach it to you with a major short-cut and give you a new career! Before you consider applying for this program, consider self-qualifying yourself. Answer the questions below honestly to see if your skill-set, experience, and interests would make you a successful publishing consultant.

Being a publishing consultant is a good fit for you if…

Being a publishing consultant is NOT right for you if…

Catherine Fishman

“The certification training was so thorough; I feel well-equipped to take on my own clients like a pro.

And I now have a career that truly I look forward to that I can take anywhere.”
Catherine Fishman, Certified Publishing Consultant


Our curriculum takes us through a publishing project in sequential order from starting your business, how to market your business, then through every step of publishing from the first consultation to word-wide distribution.


Personal training with Polly Letofsky or Amanda Miller on your schedule (Over Zoom, 1 hour to 90 minutes at a time.)
Only $3,995!

Payment Plans Available

This is a program to educate you and give you all the goods to start
your own publishing consulting business.

If you’d like to learn more, start by setting up a free consultation call with Polly. You can have a fun call with her, ask questions, you might meet her kitty, Ollie, and together you’ll figure out if this is a good program for you and your goals.

We’re giving you every darn thing we have – holding nothing back:
the systems, marketing, documents from A to Z, classes you can use to get clients,
mistakes we’ve made. Every. Darn. Thing.

Rosette Obedoza Graduation Photo

“The Certified Publishing Consultant course covered a LOT of information, and delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb.

The main benefits came from doing assignments, receiving individual feedback, and interacting one-on-one with Polly.”
Rosette Obedoza, Certified Publishing Consultant

Ready to Get Started on Your New Career?

If you are interested in training to become a Publishing Consultant, then it is time to have a further discussion with Polly for more details.

Only $3,995!