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You can write a business book, solidifying your role as an expert in your field. Or put together grandma’s family recipes to assure they’re safe for generations to come. We’ve worked with romantic comedies, horror stories, cook books, memoirs, workbooks, even the great American novel. You can create a book for use within your company, maybe to distribute only throughout your extended family, or for a mass audience with national distribution. You can print five books or 5,000, and we’ll show you how to keep it the most cost effective.

At My Word Publishing we can guide you from your book idea through self-publishing and book marketing, or you can cherry pick the services that you want. And whichever services you choose, you always make the final decisions, you keep the profits, and you keep all distribution and copyrights. In other words, at My Word it’s your book.

Publishing 101

If you were to Google “How to self-publish a book” 9 million items pop up. So how do you know which option is for you? What is the right way? What do you need to know before diving into this milestone project in your life?

In Publishing 101, Polly Letofsky, CEO of My Word Publishing lays out what you need to know before diving into the self-publishing world: what costs to expect, what timelines to expect, what steps to take, what you should know, and what you should never put up with.

She also lays out side by side, black and white, what the various options are in publishing, and the pros and cons to each.

So know what you’re getting into before you dive in. Publishing 101 is 45 minutes long. It’s worth your time.

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Client Celebrations: Polly Letofsky, My Word Publishing August 2020

Mary Gaul owner of Success Magnified is using the month of August 2020 to celebrate with her clients.

This video features my client, the amazing Polly Letofsky, owner of My Word Publishing.

Polly is celebrating the actualization of her vision of 3 years ago – to have a certification program to share her knowledge, so that they can protect authors when publishing their books. She now has her 10th person registered for the certification, which was her goal for all of 2020!

Meet Polly Letofsky: Voyage Denver

Dive into Polly Letofsky’s childhood and learn what motivated her to walk around the world, and how My Word Publishing began.

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