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Shelly Wilhelm

Children’s Book Development and Editor

Shelly’s extensive experience with children’s books and the publishing world has developed her knowledge of trends in children’s books. She understands what people are buying and what they are looking for. We’re thrilled that she landed in our laps at My Word Publishing, and has jumped on board to be our children’s book developer as well as a publishing consultant.

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Books Shelly Has Produced

Rave Reviews for Shelly!

Top shelf experience for me. I had no clue- just a basic manuscript that needed help. The team of Amanda, Shelly and Victoria put their heads together and we ended up with a really great published product. They were my partners from Day 1, and I am extremely appreciative. I would definitely use them again!

Michael Dukes
Author of Talk from the Green

My first book would not have reached its full potential without Shelly’s input. Her insight, masterful editing help, and encouragement throughout the process were priceless. I would highly recommend Shelly to anyone who has a children’s book idea and needs a strong leader to guide the way through the self publishing process.

Caryn Hartman
Author of Dorje the Yak

Shelly’s knowledge and sensibility of what makes a well-loved children’s book is priceless! She was so supportive and patient in bringing my book to life. Shelly guided me through every aspect of the process and did all the heavy lifting that was keeping me from publishing the book myself. I feel so lucky to have found her!

Marrielle Monte Canales
Author of Magic Thinking for Kids

As a first time author, I needed someone to guide me through the entire process of writing a children’s book. Shelly Wilhelm took my original draft, which was essentially a pile of ideas and turned it into the story I originally imagined. It wasn’t easy and at times I felt like quitting. Shelly was patient but also pushed me when I needed it. I highly recommend Shelly Wilhelm to anyone thinking about writing and or publishing a children’s book.

Kenny Onatolu
Author of Two of a Kind

My phenomenal team at My Word took me from ‘I think (maybe) I can publish my children’s picture book,’ to a first place win (and second place!) for Best Children’s Book at the EVVY Awards.

Melanie Eulbert
Author of Sylvana Takes a Spin

That Shelly is so unbelievably good. But I suppose you hear that all the time.

Julie Halliwell
Author of Whisperings

I just published my second children’s book with My Word Publishing and cannot say enough about their services and staff. Everyone I’ve worked with at My Word Publishing is knowledgeable, helpful, and personable. If you write children’s books, Shelly Wilhelm, their Children’s Book Publishing Consultant, will turn your manuscript into a published gem. Shelly is highly qualified and makes the publishing process fun and easy. I could gush on and on about Shelly and My Word Publishing.

Kayla Davidson
Author of My Prince Wears Blue Jeans