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142 Book Marketing Nibbles


Believe it or not, writing the book is the easiest part (and that ain’t easy!). Now that your book is written and published, you have to get it in front of those that will be best served by your message or story.

142 Book Marketing Nibbles has evolved over the 12 years I’ve been in the business. Marketing practices and services come in and out of the marketplace. Some never worked. So I have put together a list of 142 that work and are most bang for the buck — and most are free!

NOTE: Not all of these Nibbles will apply to you, your market, your genre, your budget, or your skill set, but plenty will.

In 142 Book Marketing Nibbles you will find:

  1. best practices to market your book on social media
  2. 14 ways to get in front of book clubs
  3. companies that give book reviews — free and paid
  4. tips on how to throw an online book launch party
  5. tips on how to throw a live in-person launch party
  6. how to optimize your Amazon page!
  7. how to research podcasts and bloggers