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4 Types of Book Reviews

How does a potential buyer know that purchasing your book is the right decision? One of the strongest marketing tools available are the reviews that are left by your readers. Discover four ways to earn reviews for your book and how it could affect your marketing strategy.

Why Hire a Writing Coach for Your Book?

Would your book benefit from a writing coach? Alexandra O’Connell explains why hiring a writing coach for your manuscript will not only improve the publishing process, but can take the end result to a new level.

Print-On-Demand, Short-Run, and Long-Run Printing: A Comparison

Do you know how your self-published book should be printed? Surprisingly, different types of printing can be influenced by your sales strategy, marketing plans, and will ultimately impact your bottom line. Learn more about the differences between short-run, long-run, and print-on-demand and how to make the best decision for your book.

Self-Publishing Your Book On A Budget

One of the few downsides to self-publishing is the cost. If you are willing to take a risk on the quality of your book, there are some shortcuts you can take to publish your book on a budget.

Beta Readers vs Manuscript Review

The court of public opinion can be a scary place. Writers spend an inordinate amount of time and resources putting their thoughts onto paper. It would be heartbreaking to reach the end of that long journey and discover that your character is unlikable, your plot doesn’t make sense, or that you have an unsatisfying ending. […]

A Guide to Understanding ISBNs

  Before I started my own self-publishing journey, I used ISBNs as a tool to search for and purchase textbooks I needed for school. Those who underwent the College/University experience might know that the college bookstore is not always the cheapest option. I would write down the ISBN of the book I needed and searched […]

A Quick Guide to Writing Your Book Title

Which do you think is more difficult – naming your child or naming your book? Truthfully, either can hold immense influence over the future. Your book title is the first stage of your marketing plan. It will either intrigue readers and urge them to find out more, or it will turn them away in disinterest. […]

Passion and Practice: How to Write Faster and Better

This week we will hear from our very own Catherine Spader: editor and fiction writing extraordinaire! She will explain the best habits and mindset to keep in order to write faster and better – and possibly have a little fun along the way.   The best writing advice I ever received was to practice, practice, practice. […]

How to Create a Fiction Outline

October is one of my favorite months. As a lifelong procrastinator, October will forever be highlighted in my calendar as the time that I begin to create my fiction outline before November. To writers, November can be the most hectic 30 days of the year. November is National Novel Writing Month (more well known as […]