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How to Market Your Books to Libraries

This week we are featuring a new guest blogger! The following is some insightful information on how to market your books to libraries by Alice Kober, Arapahoe Libraries. Learn the Dos and Don’ts of ensuring your book is accepted into library distribution to reach a wider reader market.

How to Get Your Book On Kindle

How do you convert your manuscript into an ebook format for Kindle? I will discuss three different ebook conversion options – each with different costs, benefits, and downsides. Make an informed decision about which option will benefit your book the most.

10 Things You Should Know About KDP Print

In recent days, Amazon has announced a merger between print on demand service CreateSpace and the ebook service, Kindle Direct Publishing. Welcome to KDP Print. We will explore all of the changes that you can expect when moving your titles to KDP Print and how to get the most out of your new POD service provider.