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BUZZ 4: Your Super Sticky Book Marketing Plan


There are over 1,000 books on book marketing and another 1,000-plus blogs, podcasts, newsletters, and eBooks that help authors pitch their book. Polly Letofsky spent two years thumbing through all of it and eliminated outdated ideas, overblown promises, and practices that weren’t worth your dollars. She then cherry-picked the best ideas to bring your book directly to your audience.

This is now the third edition of Buzz: Your Super Sticky Book Marketing Plan and Letofsky continues to bring the most updated, proven practices to market your book.  Here are a few treats you’ll get in Buzz 4!

  • An exercise to pinpoint your target reader
  • 7 tools to get media attention
  • 6 options to make book tailers – free, low-cost, and up-leveled!
  • 21-day Countdown to Book Launch
  • 40 reputable places to get book reviews
  • 20 tips for throwing a great live book release party
  • A step-by-step, how-to tutorial for hosting a Zoom book launch
  • 5 steps to optimize your Amazon sales page
  • Tips to getting more podcasts
  • 14 tips to market to book clubs

And oh BOY so much more!

Buzz 4 is built on a timeline from pre-publication marketing, through your book launch, and right through your book’s first year. Throughout Buzz you’ll find tips, tools, ideas, and lists, all to make your marketing plan flow smoothly.

So pat yourself on the back—you’ve finished your book. Now grab this book marketing plan and start to create your Buzz!