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Print-On-Demand, Short-Run, and Long-Run Printing: A Comparison

Do you know how your self-published book should be printed? Surprisingly, different types of printing can be influenced by your sales strategy, marketing plans, and will ultimately impact your bottom line. Learn more about the differences between short-run, long-run, and print-on-demand and how to make the best decision for your book.

Self-Publishing Your Book On A Budget

One of the few downsides to self-publishing is the cost. If you are willing to take a risk on the quality of your book, there are some shortcuts you can take to publish your book on a budget.

A Guide to Understanding ISBNs

  Before I started my own self-publishing journey, I used ISBNs as a tool to search for and purchase textbooks I needed for school. Those who underwent the College/University experience might know that the college bookstore is not always the cheapest option. I would write down the ISBN of the book I needed and searched […]

A Quick Guide to Writing Your Book Title

Which do you think is more difficult – naming your child or naming your book? Truthfully, either can hold immense influence over the future. Your book title is the first stage of your marketing plan. It will either intrigue readers and urge them to find out more, or it will turn them away in disinterest. […]

How to Get Your Book On Kindle

How do you convert your manuscript into an ebook format for Kindle? I will discuss three different ebook conversion options – each with different costs, benefits, and downsides. Make an informed decision about which option will benefit your book the most.

10 Things You Should Know About KDP Print

In recent days, Amazon has announced a merger between print on demand service CreateSpace and the ebook service, Kindle Direct Publishing. Welcome to KDP Print. We will explore all of the changes that you can expect when moving your titles to KDP Print and how to get the most out of your new POD service provider.

What is the difference between an ISBN, LCCN, CIP: A Guide for the Perplexed

Congratulations on writing a book! Now how do you find readers? Usually we think of labels as a bad thing, but the truth is that labels are how readers search for new books. Labeling your books correctly will help your readers find your book. And it’ll help your friendly neighborhood librarians and booksellers promote your […]

How to Save Money on Self-Publishing

The costs of self-publishing vary drastically from the total Do-It-Yourself Authors spending the least amount of money to those who use vanity press publishing options. You’ll hear ranges from $1000 to over $20,000. There is and can be a happy medium in what you spend on self-publishing your book. While you never want to sacrifice […]

How to Rock a Free Day Promotion for Your eBook

ebook promotion

If you are an indie author on Amazon, as part of Amazon’s Kindle Select Program, you can use five free days to promote your ebook in exchange for three months of exclusivity. Many traditional publishers are increasingly doing free promos as well, and the competition is growing with thousands of free ebooks available every day. […]

7 Reasons to Choose Self Publishing Instead of Traditional Publishing

A true independent publisher is you – an author who starts their own publishing “imprint,” and organizes and pays for their own designing, editing, and printing of their book.  The great news is that as the big publishing houses went out of business, merged, and downsized, the professionals within those houses have flooded into the […]