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It’s hard to believe there was a time before I published a book. I look back and remember when having a book felt like some pipe-dream that would never become a reality. Little did I know that in less than twelve months I’d soon have two books on the market, followed by another four over the next several years. It’s ironic because I struggled for years to commit to an idea for a book, but now there seem to be ideas everywhere.

Why was my experience so easy? What was different or was I just plain lucky? In reality it was none of those excuses. If I happen to come across a way to miraculously create a book, I’d surely share my secret formula, but it isn’t about luck at all.

To launch my first two books, three-oh-so-easy strategies supported this stellar growth. Besides I only slept on Sundays and cloned myself, so why couldn’t I get two books done!? All kidding aside, these are the three things that I know can help bring your book to life too!

Drumroll p-uh-lease!?!


First, I didn’t go at it alone. Lone-ranger out – team player in! My book and business partner Lisa Shultz was my main collaborator; however, in our first book we had 47 other lovely ladies submit their chapters to us. Which made the writing process a whole-heck-of-a-lot easier. Imagine a book with your name on it and you just have to write a few chapters!? When I went to take my first stab at writing a book, I failed, I barely got started, and the whole process seemed overwhelming. I quit. Here’s where luck or serendipity did come in, Lisa asked me to join her on her book project, and I said yes! Suddenly, I saw the light. If you want to do something big in your life, whether write a book or become President, you are not going to get their alone. Look around your community and colleagues and see who else may be interested in a similar topic and work together to get a book out.


I know, this sounds cliché, but they work. Goals, deadlines, and a fire under your you-know-what are the key to just getting that book written and out into the world. Trying to write a book without a looming deadline means that your book may, just may, be ready for print in 2025. Clearly define your goals and figure it out from there. When Lisa and I partnered for our book, we picked late August for our launch date. We then worked backwards and timed out every step in between. It kept us on schedule and it kept the process moving along. We always knew where we had to be and when we had to be there by. Goals, however over-emphasized in our world, are a shortcut to accomplishment.


If no one knows you are writing a book, or if you’ve locked up your work in a vault fearful of putting it out into the world – it’s never going to get out there. Accountability to others is one of the fastest ways to get your book done and out to market. Lisa and I checked in with each other so frequently during the writing and compilation of our books, that we never missed a beat. How are you on this? Where are you on that? How’s this coming along? What can I do to help you? Flailing along as a solo-aspiring-author is difficult, challenging, and lonely-as-the corner ice cream store in a February snowstorm. Don’t do it, do not, under any circumstances attempt to go at it alone. If you are writing a book as the sole author, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have an accountability partner, coach, friend, or mentor. Team up and you will find a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow, filled with inspiration, encouragement, and motivation.

As you can see – writing and getting two books complete in one year isn’t all that hard if you abide by these oh-so-easy-strategies. Don’t wait to get your book done. Get your book done this year!

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