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My Word Publishing Writing Programs have been designed to offer accountability, support, time and structure to help you get your manuscript out of your head and onto paper. Choose the package that fits your goals. Up-grade, down-grade, or cancel as you need- it’s all up to you, but use this tool to get your manuscript ready for the publishing process.

The Fitzgerald
Let’s dance like Gatsby, romantic and fun, and get the words out of your head and onto paper. This program gives you the time and accountability to get your work done with the support of other people at the party.
1 free 2 hour Writer’s Barf session a month (4 total available)
1 Group Coaching session (1 hour)
60 minutes of personal coaching
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The Alcott
It’s all about the storytelling- weaving plots, memorable characters and lessons learned. Whether fiction or non-fiction, this program will give you access to experts who will help with writing, organization and flow, as well as peer support and accountability to finally get your book done.
2 free 2 hour “Writer’s Barf” sessions a month (4 total available)
2 Group Coaching Sessions (1 hour each)
2 personal coaching calls per month (up to 60 min each)
Up to 20 pages of manuscript critique and feedback
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The Twain
Your first book, or your tenth, or anything in between, this program will help you get your book done in 4-6 months, in most cases. It sounds like a fun adventure, but hold onto your raft as there will be lots of lessons and hard work, but it will all pay off.
Unlimited 2 hour “Writer’s Barf” sessions (4 total available)
Free Lunch and Learn admission (you buy your menu item)
2 Group Coaching Sessions (1 hour each)
Weekly 60 minute personal coaching call to keep you on track
Weekly manuscript critique and feedback, up to 10 pages per week
*Most writers on this plan will have their book completed in 4-6 months
**Buy 5 months and get all 6 of My Word Publishing Marketing classes for FREE! (A $414 Value!)
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Meet Kris Jordan

Kris is ready to help you guide your project, regardless of type. She has coached several authors to finish their books with quality, and you can be next!

To start writing your book, contact Kris for questions and encouragement: