Interior Book Design

Have you ever noticed why from one book to the next, the font, sizing, and chapter headings are all different? Designing the interior pages of your book is as complex as the outside cover, and what suits someone else’s book may not suit yours. Our interior book design experts will work with you to establish what your customers require. Will your target audience need a more substantial font? Do you prefer a custom designed chapter heading?

We want to make your book as aesthetically-pleasing and as unique as possible, so let our experts talk with you about placement, design, and size that best reflects the audience you are targeting.

As part of the entire package, we also ensure your interior book design works seamlessly with your front cover. While some of our designers can work on both the inside and the outside, we also often use one designer for each – both of who work together like a well-oiled machine to achieve the desired results.

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