Book Editing

No matter how many times you peruse the pages of your book, picking up every single inconsistency before publication, you must have a professional editor. Choosing the right editor is a key element to the success of your book, but not all editors are created equal. They’re a special breed with special skill sets. We’ve collected a powerful stable of development editors, copyline editors, and proof editors. At My Word Publishing, we’re all about giving you options as this is your book and your unique project, so we will introduce you to a couple of editors, even more, until you find the one you bond with.

The aim of doing so is to give you the option to choose an editor to work on your book that suits your vision and your unique voice, and that you connect with. Our editors are some of the very best in the industry, and we want to make sure the one we assign to you is one with which you can form a lasting relationship. When you decide to have your book edited with My Word Publishing, you are choosing to work with editors who are vetted to the highest of standards, are prompt, affordable, communicate with you for your benefit, and are reliable.

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