Book Coaching

Writing your first, second, or even third book can be an overwhelming and emotional experience. It’s so exciting to see your work come to life, but not all publishing companies make the publication side of it an experience you want to cherish forever. At My Word Publishing, we like to ensure that the publishing of your books is as memorable as finishing that last chapter.

When you choose My Word Publishing, one of our super groovy consultants – Polly, Susie, Kirsten, Jen, or Shelly — will be the first person with which you share your dreams for book publishing success. After your meeting for a complimentary consultation, they then help you create and develop a plan to turn that unpublished raw work into published perfection.

These are the steps we will take together:

  1. Find out which is going to be the best publishing option for you
  2. Establish a team of professionals from the My Word Publishing family to help create your book. Within this team will be an editor, graphic designer, internal layout designer, eBook designer, even a book marketing consultant, ghostwriter, or a web designer.
  3. Provide advice on setting up your book business.
  4. Put together a budget to work within, and a timeline. Doing so can help keep yourself and your book publishing team on track.
  5. Acquire a barcode and ISBN for your book.
  6. Receive cataloging-in-publication data (CIP).
  7. Draft a copyright page.
  8. Create accounts for book sales, such as Amazon, Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Sony, and Kobo.
  9. Use Author Central Page to optimize your Amazon account, as well as establish essential keywords, evaluate your genre competition, and research Amazon categories in which your book can appear.
  10. Establish a national distribution process for customers so they can order it from any bookstore or library in the country.
  11. Coach and advise as required for your book release party and Amazon Best Selling Campaign.
  12. Register your new book with the Library of Congress and acquire the control number (LCCN).
  13. Receive your DIY book marketing plan.
  14. Conduct research and establish a relationship with book marketing agencies.

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