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Let Us Be Your Guide

We can guide you through the self-publishing of any genre of book: cook book, children’s book, memoir, workbook, or the great American novel. Depending on the book of your dreams you might need an illustrator or a photographer. Maybe a ghostwriter or a writing coach. But you’ll always need an editor, a cover designer, and a layout designer, so that’s what we’ve highlighted here. Whatever your needs, we’ll guide you.

Book Coaching

Polly is the first point of contact with My Word! Publishing.
She will meet with you for a complimentary consultation, then create and develop your plan, which includes:

  • Determine which publishing option is best for you
  • Build your publishing team of proven vendors that will help create the book of your dreams: editor, graphic designer, internal layout designer, book marketing professional, ghostwriter, copywriter, e-book conversion expert, web designer, and more
  • Advise you how to set up your book business
  • Draft a budget and timeline to keep you and your vendors on track
  • Serve as the liaison to keep vendors on time and budget until your book is in your hands
  • Acquire ISBN and bar code
  • Acquire your Catalogue-in-Publication data (CIP)
  • Draft your copyright page
  • Create your accounts that could include: Amazon, Kindle, Nook, ibooks, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Sony, Kobo
  • Optimize Amazon accounts via Author Central Page, keyword assessment, genre competition evaluation, and research appropriate Amazon categories
  • Create national distribution so your book can be ordered from any bookstore and library in the country
  • Coach you through book release party
  • Coach you through Amazon Best Selling Campaign
  • Register your book with Library of Congress
  • Acquire your Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN)
  • Present you with a DIY book marketing plan
  • Research and present you to a variety of book marketing agencies that specialize in book marketing


We’ve gathered some of the best editors in the industry. Because we want you to make all the decisions, and the relationship between the author and editor is a very special one, we’ll introduce you to at least three editors (even more until we get the right one for you), and they’ll all do a sample edit of the same chapter of your manuscript. You’ll then review all the sample edits and choose the editor who you feel best suits your unique voice.

All of our editors have been tried and true — vetted to our high standards. That means they’re not only very good at what they do, but they’re also prompt, affordable, communicative, and reliable.

Cover Design

Oh My Word! We’ve found the best book cover designers in the country. They’ve won multiple multiple multiple (that’s multiple “multiples”!) national design awards, and always start with a series of options in order to get your creative juices flowing.

They’re experienced and know book marketing. They understand what a reader’s eye is attracted to. And they charge an affordable flat rate so you don’t have to stop short on revisions. These creative types aren’t always reliable, are they? But our guys (and gals!) are swift.

Creative, reliable, and affordable? It’s true, and we’ve got them.

Interior Design

Designing the interior of a book is not as simple as a Word document. No, no. What font suits the personality of your story? Do you want a photo or a custom designed chapter heading? What font size is legible for your target audience? There are placement, design, and size decisions involved in order to make your book aesthetically beautiful and as unique as your book.

We have interior designers who are experienced in all genres. Some interior designers also can do your book cover, but if we decide to work with another book cover designer the two of them talk to assure their designs complement each other. They know each other and work seamlessly together.

Book Marketing

Your book marketing budget can range from $0 to $tratosphere and can be overwhelming. The good news is that a lot of marketing practices these days are FREE! And they’re powerful. We’ll try to keep you up to date on those via our “Marketing Tips” page, but there’s another way to do your book marketing: delegate!

A lot of book marketing practices are time-consuming and labor-intensive, and they also require knowing the right people, knowing your way around a system, and knowing what is a complete waste of time and money. That’s why we found the best of the best of the very bestest book marketing professionals. They can streamline the system for you. Take it out of your hands. Get ‘er done.

At My Word Publishing we recommend both Mary Walewski of Buy the Book Marketing, and Stephanie Nelson of Beyond Words Marketing. They can get you organized with the basics, but depending on your wants, needs, and goals, can go well beyond with:

  • Book reviews
  • Organize and implement blog tours
  • Virtual tours
  • Research your most powerful keywords
  • Open and optimize your GoodReads accounts
  • Optimize the nines out of your Amazon account!
  • Set up your social media accounts
  • Get your book all over social media, or just teach you how to do it yourself

SpotCircleSpot Coaching

Because part of our mission at My Word Publishing is to save you from expensive mistakes, Spot Coaching is a great opportunity to DIY (do it yourself) and be sure you stay on the right path.

Spot Coaching allows you an opportunity to ask 10 questions for $150. You can gather all your 10 questions and ask them in one meeting, or you can email, text, or call one at a time over the course of months.

Each question should be inside a 5-minute answer (i.e.”What’s the meaning of life” might be a long, more in-depth conversation.)

If you’re interested in Spot Coaching sign up here and Polly will contact you.

Estimated Costs to Self-Publish

​We’ve put together a basic list of costs associated with book production. There are ways to keep the prices low, and we can guide you through that, but there are a couple of things you should not cut corners with — editing, interior formatting, and cover design are three of them. ​​

Basic Book Production

  • Publishing Consultant — $2500 – $3000
  • Content & Development Editing $2000 – $7000
  • Proof editing $200 – $800
  • Layout/Interior $400 – $1500
  • Cover Design $250 – $750
  • ISBN – $0 – $295
  • Bar code – $0 – $25
  • Printing Proof $5 – $25
  • Books/Inventory $250 – $500 (to start)
  • E-Book Conversion $100 – $350
  • Opening Amazon Account $0
  • Expanded national distribution $0
  • Sales Tax Number $35
  • Library of Congress Control Number $0
  • Catologue-in-Publication data $0 – $150
  • 2-hour book marketing consultation with complete book marketing plan $295, or 2 people for $349
  • Or if you’re a DIY kind of person and you’d like to publish your book without our full guidance, you can have an hourly consultation to get yourself on the right track: $150/hour​​

Additional Services

There are other services that we provide, but they fall within such a broad range it wouldn’t do any good to put an estimate for you here. If you’d like a quote on any of these services, please let us know.​​

  • Illustrator
  • Ghost Writer
  • Logo design
  • Bookmark design
  • Book sales sheet
  • Social media campaign
  • Writing coach
  • Website design
  • Audio Book
  • Indexing

A la Carte Services

We know some of you are great DIY people and don’t need all of our services. That’s groovy, we love your spirit! To satisfy your wants and needs to stay on the right track we put together an a la carte menu.

Some of these a la carte items teach you how to do certain publishing tasks, some give you a step-by-step guide to do it yourself, and other options offer you an opportunity to hire us for items that are, frankly, just a pain in your rear, right?

Let us help make the entire DIY process easier for you and check out our a la carte menu.

A la Carte ItemsPrice
Step-by-step book marketing plan: Buzz: Your Super Sticky Book Marketing Plan $79.95
Two-hour book marketing consultation with Polly (includes Buzz: Your Super Sticky Book Marketing Plan ) $249.00
Author promotional one-sheet flyer$150.00
Speaking 101 Consultation with Polly (2 hours)$249.00
Audio Book$600 - $3000
Amazon Optimization (2 hours)$249.00
Open your account, upload your files, and optimize your Createspace account$150.00
Createspace training (up to 1 hour)$150.00
Training on Author Central pages (up to 1 hour)$150.00
Acquire your Library of Congress Control Number$75.00
1-hour General Consultation about publishing$150.00
Spot-Coaching for the DIY author: 10 publishing questions to keep you on track$150.00

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