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Transform Your Book Into Audio Through ACX


Would you like to have your book professionally produced as an audiobook at a reasonable price? Would you like to expand your book’s reach into the fastest growing segment of the publishing industry? 

Amazon and Audible have created an online platform to connect authors with narrators/producers called the Audiobook Creative Exchange (ACX).

The number of professional producers on ACX has exploded over the past few years, bringing the quality levels up and driving prices down.  There has never been a better, more affordable time to get your book produced in audio format.

In this 90-minute class, you will learn how to manage an audiobook project on ACX from start to finish. We will cover:

  • How to set up your account
  • How to prepare your audition script, narration script, and guidance notes
  • How to list your title profile and open it up for auditions
  • How to select and work with a narrator/producer
  • How to manage your account, get sales reports, and access free codes

 You will also get exclusive insights into critical publications decisions like:

  • Should you do your own narration
  • Royalty and payment options
  • Choosing the best narrator price bracket
  • Distribution options
  • Cost estimates and expected royalties

Hosted by Bryan E. Canter: 
Bryan E. Canter is a publishing consultant with My Word Publishing. He also manages audiobook production projects through ACX for his clients. As an author, he has worked through ACX to develop audiobooks for his own historical fiction novels. If you would like to hear your book come alive in audio, contact Bryan for a free consultation: