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Transform Your Book Into a screenplay


Screenwriting Basics: Adapting your Book into a Screenplay

Have you always wished your novel could be turned into a movie?

Join us in our upcoming screenwriting workshop on how to turn your book into a screenplay! In this class Michael Elliot will address how to write your logline, story theme, outline, first draft, rewriting and other parts of the writing process:

We will begin with:

  • Why Hollywood loves adapting novels into movies.
  • Why movie adaptations of popular books are so often disappointing.
  • The major differences between novels and screenplays.
  • How to condense a 300-page novel into a 100-page screenplay.

Then we will move into understanding of screenplay formatting basics such as:

  • Scene Headings (slug lines)
  • Narrative Description
  • Incorporating dialogue

And finally, we will end with:

  • Developing and hopefully selling your screenplay
  • Paid professional coverage
  • How to submit to screenwriting contests
  • How to pitch your screenplay – to whom and where to start