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Press Release for Authors


Do you have a press release? Is it a good one? Do you know how to best utilize it?

A press release is no longer a tool for big PR agencies. In 2022, a press release is something anyone can distribute. It can announce the launch of your book, help increase awareness of your book, and even help improve your SEO.

But, how do you write one? Is it suitable for fiction? A children’s book? A memoir? Is your book good enough? Would anyone care? Do we set it and forget it? What should we expect from these press release distribution companies?

Unfortunately, many authors don’t know how to write or release one.

In this 1-hour class, you’ll learn:

  • How to write your press release and what to include
  • Where to release it and how to best utilize it
  • The differences between fiction, nonfiction and children’s books
  • Tips for standing out

About Chrissy Bernal:

After accidentally ending up in the global spotlight for her unique identical twins, Chrissy Bernal was forced to create & grow a brand on the fly. By combining her formal education and her experience with Storybrand and Business Made Simple with the real-world knowledge gained from her family’s growth toward global brand awareness, she has a deep understanding of how to help authors, podcasters & entrepreneurs clearly communicate their stories, increase their influence & reduce the chaos experienced in the journey of being known.

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Bernal is a true Texan who loves BBQ and live music.

She is a published author and ghostwriter, and loves a good mystery. She and her family have been featured on ABC’s 20/20, Inside Edition, Anderson Cooper, Barcroft TV, RTL TV and more.