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Dr. Stephanie Krol

Dr. Stephanie Krol

Publishing Consultant

Dr. Stephanie Krol is a Certified Publishing Consultant with My Word Publishing, equipped with degrees in Higher Education, Applied Writing, Communication, Psychology, and author of her own best-selling book, What the Pet Food Industry is Not Telling You.

As your publishing consultant, Stephanie will manage your project seamlessly keeping your unique goals and vision in mind. Stephanie enjoys guiding you step-by-step through the myriad of tasks involved in self-publishing, whether it be writing, editing, publication, distribution, and even marketing. She will do everything a publisher does, but you make all the final decisions and keep all your rights and royalties.

Which Types of Books does Stephanie Enjoy Working on Most?

She believes variety is the spice of life, in her work! She enjoys partnering her publishing services with teammates, editors, small businesses and designers while managing books for influencers, entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches & business owners alike, all the way to a la cart folks wanting more of a DIY experience, perhaps making beautiful legacy books for their families or other genres.

From fiction, political, business, pets, wellness, to Ph.D. peers & higher education- educators alike, to decades-long systematic world changers & even beautiful children’s books, she enjoys working with those moved to do what’s right, while positively changing the world. She truly loves and enjoys them all!

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