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Rosette Obedoza

Rosette Obedoza

Publishing Consultant

Rosette joins My Word Publishing as a Certified Publishing Consultant with an extensive experience in the Career and Education Coaching field supported by Master’s degrees in Human Relations, and in Workforce Education and Development.

As a published self-help author, she co-authored the book, Finding Your Voice: The Empowered and Assertive Woman. She is also active in the speaking circuit, delivering keynote addresses, motivational and informational talks for women, entrepreneurs, expats, high school students, professional organizations, and companies around the world.

As the Project Manager of your life’s work, she is insightful, intuitive, and a strategic planner committed in making the process seamless for you. Her mission is to support you so that you can deliver the book you will be proud of.

Rosette considers both San Diego, California and Vancouver, British Columbia as home. She currently lives in Asia, exploring ‘off the beaten path’ adventures with her family, and learning how to prepare various southeast Asian cuisines along the way.

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