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Katya Fishman

Katya Fishman

Publishing Consultant

Katya has a decade of experience working professionally with authors.

She fell in love with books as an undergraduate at Sarah Lawrence College, a writing intensive school. She started freelance editing nonfiction books in the self help and wellness fields after college, and shortly thereafter started ghostwriting for all types of nonfiction books, including biography, memoir, how-to, and big idea books. In addition to being a ghostwriter, she is a writing coach and project consultant for a wide range of writing related projects.

With the creation phase of writing a book under her belt, Katya saw how valuable it would be to offer guidance and support for the often confusing and overwhelming production phase of the process. Having taken the MWP 30-hour Publishing Consulting training program and the Nonfiction Authors Association’s Book Marketing Course, she is a certified book publishing and book marketing consultant.

She helps her authors by combining the My Word Publishing team approach with her broad range of book production and publishing experience.

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