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Kirsten (K.B.) Jensen

Publishing Consultant and Fiction Editor

Kirsten Jensen is a bestselling crime novelist and a publishing consultant with My Word Publishing. She is also a fiction editor, a ski downhill instructor and a former crime reporter. Her first novel, Painting with Fire has been downloaded more than 70,000 times. Her award-winning second book, A Storm of Stories, veers into more literary territory with themes of love, craziness and impossibility.

If your book is fiction and you’re interested in an editor, or if you’d like a free consultation about publishing your book, you can connect with Kirsten here.

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Rave Reviews for Kirsten!

I had the great good fortune to contract with Kirsten Jensen, a publishing consultant with My Word Publishing. Before meeting Kirsten I had no idea how to publish my book and, most challenging, how to speak the publishing language. I just knew I had a message to get out to the world. Kirsten walked with me along the publishing path and helped me not only learn the language, but also helped me choose a writing coach, spectacular editor and design and layout consultant that was best for me. She truly works to the author’s strengths and fills in the gaps as you move along the path toward publication. I highly recommend Kirsten as your publishing consultant and would love to talk further if you have hesitation about working with Kirsten.

Terri Mongait
Author of Finding True Purpose: Life Beyond the Castle.

K.B. Jensen, in her role with My Word Publishing, has been amazing. She has helped me navigate the maze of indie publishing and my books would not have seen the light of day without her help. She is an amazing writer as well. Her books Painting With Fire and A Storm of Stories are great reads. I highly recommend them.

Helen Starbuck
Multiple award-winning author of the Annie Collins mysteries The Mad Hatter’s Son and No Pity In Death. Winner of the National Indie Excellence Awards

KB Jensen is not only a great writer in her own right but a fantastic editor. Kirsten’s editing helped me win two awards from CIPA for my book The TRIBAL case; a Merit award for Mystery/Crime/Detective and a Third Place in Women’s Fiction. She is also great at conveying her ideas but is very open to hearing the author’s input in order to create the best book ever. Kirsten is a great collaborator with her interest in what’s best for the book as well as the author.

Theresa Janson
Award-Winning Author of The Tribal Case

Kirsten goes beyond pointing out basic grammar errors; she unites characters, weaves background stories, and keeps your foundation solid to create a far larger and more powerful story. Moreover, with Kirsten’s unique perspective and knowledge, my work has significantly improved over the years I have been working with her. Kirsten’s insights made me think about why I made specific voice and style choices, which improved my manuscript immensely. Her invaluable input on my Amazon Best Seller helped me grow as a writer.

Jennifer Bisbing
Bestselling Author of Under the Pines

I am so thankful to have had Kirsten on my team to help me through the publishing process of my memoir. I was completely clueless on all the different steps required and would never have known how to find cover designers or editors that fit my style. Kirsten was incredibly patient and kind and guided me in the right direction every step of the way. The final result is exactly what I envisioned and something I’m incredibly proud of!

Gina Heumann
Award-winning author of Love Never Quits: Surviving and Thriving After Infertility, Adoption and Reactive Attachment Disorder

Kirsten, there are not enough words to thank you appropriately. Writing a book is a meaningful and very personal thing to do. It requires a lot of courage and can leave a writer feeling vulnerable. I wouldn’t be here without your expertise, guidance, encouragement and attention to every last detail. I appreciate all of the ways you helped me to accomplish my dream of publishing my book. Your belief in me, your expert guidance, and all of the personal touches you provided along the way made such a difference. I am so excited to work with you on all of my future projects. You are a dream!

Andrea K. Spoor
Award-winning author of That’s So Diva! A Teen Girl’s Guide to Loving Herself and Living Beautifully

There aren’t any shortcuts to publishing an award-winning book. The number of decisions and considerations can be overwhelming, and you might be tempted to give up on quality or control just to get it done. This is why I’m glad I had Kirsten Jensen and My Word Publishing on my side. Kirsten has been on both sides of the publishing business and will help you make sense of the journey. She has a trusted network of all the professionals I needed and even a few I didn’t realize I would need. I put my life force into my book and I’m glad I found a publishing partner that kept my vision and ownership at the center of the process.

Carl Dubler
Award-winning and best-selling author Playing God in Chair Twelve: A Juror’s Faith-Changing Journey

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