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Initial FREE Consultation: You can take the first step toward the publication of your dream book by talking to one of our consultants. We would love to hear about your book, your platform, ideas and goals. During this complimentary 30-minute consultation we’ll give you an idea as to how the process works, and figure out the best path for you and your goals. If you’d like to talk to us just click the the green scheduling button below and then click “30-minute FREE consultation” to start your publishing journey.

Hire us for a one-on-one consultation: Some authors are great at the DIY process (do-it-yourself) and opt to hire one of our skilled publishing consultants one hour at a time just to keep them on the right path. If you want one hour of marketing consultation, or advice on the best way for you to publish, please schedule time with the big green button to your right. We looove talking book publishing!

Dive in with Polly for a 2-hour book marketing consultation — with the help of Buzz: Your Super Sticky Book Marketing Plan:

“Polly’s book marketing consultation was a thoroughly delightful, productive, and exciting way to create my foundation. I’m off to a confident start” says one new author.

Polly spent 2 years collecting and organizing the best book marketing tools for authors, eliminating the outdated ideas and overblown promises that are not worth your dollars. She uses that book marketing plan — Buzz! — to serve as a guide to the tools that will work best for you, your genre, and your goals. This consultation includes the book marketing plan. You can either meet by phone and screen-share, or if you’re in Denver you can meet face-to-face. But start with a click of the green button over here to your right, and get ready to Buzz!

(Psst: This is a $380 value for $249)

Speaking 101 – a 2-hour consultation to launch your speaking platform

The number 1 way to sell gobs of books is to speak speak speak. Statistics prove that you will sell 80% more books if you have a speaker’s platform. So how do you start? Who will hire you? What kind of fee should you charge? How do you write a speech?

Polly Letofsky is a nationally renowned keynote speaker, will give you the answer to these questions and more. She has put together a 2-hour Speaking 101 consultation that is intended to give you a thorough review on the speaking business, a tutorial that will enable you to launch your speaking career and prepare you to take the stage.

“What a great way to start my speaking career. Since my consultation with Polly I’ve booked 33 paid speeches! Her insight was spot-on.” – Chris Wells.

SpotCircleHire Polly for Spot Coaching
Because part of our mission at My Word Publishing is to save you from expensive mistakes, Spot Coaching is a great opportunity to Do it Yourself and still stay on the right path.

Spot Coaching allows you an opportunity to ask 10 questions for $150. You can gather all your 10 questions and ask them at once, or you can email, text, or call one at a time over the course of months. Each question should be roughly a 5 minute answer or less. (i.e. “What’s the meaning of life?” might be a longer, more in-depth conversation.)

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Speaking or Training: If you would like Polly to come speak to your organization, writers club, book club, business group, or publishing bonanza, please contact her directly. She loves sharing any information that she has.

Or you can always contact Polly directly at: