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Top 5 Mistakes Self-Published Authors Make When Designing Their Own Book

It’s become easier to self-publish your book over the last few years, however, easier doesn’t mean that you should compromise on quality and book production. Just because you can turn out your book faster, create your own book cover online, and design your book in Word doesn’t mean you should! The more people who self-publish […]

Anatomy of a Book Layout

Readers, reviewers, and book buyers will take your self-published book more seriously when it is organized in a proper and professional manner.

Why A Book Coach Is Invaluable

Guidance Through The Maze of Self-Publishing Some people call it a book shepherd; others call it a publishing consultant, a book coach, or a publishing coach. I call it a Publisher-for-hire, and they’re all the same thing; their job is to guide the author through the maze of self-publishing. Book coaches are best used in […]

How to crowdfund to pay for your book

One of the greatest revolutions in the past few years of this self-publishing boom is the advent of crowdfunding. Here’s the hard truth – up until just a few years ago big publishing companies had full control over the content that got out into the world by saying yes or no to writers and their […]