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Become a Certified Publishing Consultant

Join Our Special Pilot Program

My Word Publishing has started a Publishing Consulting Certification Program where we train people to become Publishing Consultants.

We’re continuing with a special pilot program throughout 2021!

Why Get Trained Through My Word Publishing’s Training Group?

My Word Publishing has devised a new publishing model where we manage an author’s project through the entire process but have no ownership. The author maintains 100% of their rights, royalties, and final decisions. We are their advisors and managers, the producer of their book project.

Amanda Miller Graduation Photo
“The Publishing Consultant Certification Program was truly more valuable to me than any other course I had previously taken. It pushed me to go outside my comfort zone and start becoming the entrepreneur I always dreamed of being.”
Amanda Miller

Certified Publishing Consultant

Why Become a Publishing Consultant?

  • Help people tell their stories
  • Take your job anywhere
  • Enjoy a fun and creative job
  • Benefit from unlimited earning potential
  • Work the hours you want
  • Support writers’ dreams to become published authors
  • Own your own business in a fast-growing industry

What is a Publishing Consultant?

A Publishing Consultant:

  • manages an author’s project through the entire writing, production, and publishing process. You are the producer of the book.
  • informs, advises, and educates the author every step of the way through their book publishing project so they have a seamless, no-drama experience
  • sets expectations all through the project so the author has no surprises
  • assures all details are covered
  • assures all timelines and budgets stay in place
  • finds the right service providers for the author

What the Certification Program includes:

  • 30 hours training: 1 to 6 people at a time via zoom
  • There are 32 modules, which include PowerPoint, video, homework, and Q&A
  • All the documents needed for the entire publishing process
  • Access to training videos
  • Each session is recorded for future reference
  • Certification test and diploma

Market-Tested Model

For the past eight years, My Word Publishing has honed a market-tested, updated publishing model. Let us teach it to you with an eight-year short-cut and give you a new career!

Camille Parker Graduation Photo
“The certification program was thorough, full of easy-to-follow lessons, some homework, and the small classes allowed me a comfort level to ask questions. I felt fully prepared to help clients maneuver the process after this 30 hours.”
Camille Parker

Certified Publishing Consultant

My Word Publishing’s Certified Publishing Consultant Pilot Program:

– Personal training with Richard Wolf (1 to 6 people at a time) on your schedule (Over Zoom, 1 hour to 90 minutes at a time. )
Contact Richard to learn more about current availability!
– Our special pilot program, that will last throughout 2021, is only $3,500!

What’s The Next Step?

Self-Qualify Yourself

Before you consider applying for this program, we ask that you self-qualify yourself. Please answer the questions below honestly to see if your skill-set, experience, and interests would make you a successful publishing consultant.


Must have excellent communication skills – both written and verbal.


Must be comfortable with social media, Word, Excel.


An eye for good graphic design is a plus.


Have the ability to inspire, calm, and counsel authors when they’re overwhelmed.


Have the ability to reach out to colleagues to ask questions and make good decisions.


Be able to effectively handle stress and keep the temper in check.


Have the ability to notice small details.


Must have an excellent memory and superior listening/hearing skills.


Ideally a successful publishing consultant would have project management and/or account management skills.


Have experience in publishing, whether having been through the publishing process, or having worked in another element of the business.


Be comfortable with basic tech programs.


Feel comfortable, even energized by networking events.


Feel comfortable meeting authors for the first time for consultations.

While everyone takes the same training program, from the point of certification you then have three options:

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Rosette Obedoza Graduation Photo
“The My Word Publishing Certified Publishing Consultant course covered a LOT of information, and delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb. The main benefits came from doing assignments, receiving individual feedback, and interacting one-on-one.”
Rosette Obedoza

Certified Publishing Consultant

Still Interested?

If you are still interested in training to become a Publishing Consultant through My Word Publishing, then it is time to have a further discussion with Richard for more details.