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7 Reasons to Choose Self Publishing Instead of Traditional Publishing

A true independent publisher is you – an author who starts their own publishing “imprint,” and organizes and pays for their own designing, editing, and printing of their book.  The great news is that as the big publishing houses went out of business, merged, and downsized, the professionals within those houses have flooded into the […]

Top 11 Self-Publishing Boo-Boos

The most expensive part of self-publishing your book lies in the mistakes that you make. You hire the wrong editor, but before you realize that, you owe them $3000. You sign up with a “publisher” before you discover that, yeah sure, you kept your copyrights, but you inadvertently gave away your sales rights and your […]

21 Tips for Throwing a Great Book Release Party (or any book party!)

You’ve just spent years researching, writing, editing, and publishing your book. At times it’s been excruciating but you’ve persevered and want to share the joy. So just like having a baby, it’s time to celebrate the birth of your book. There are a number of reasons to throw a Book Release Party: It’s a time […]

Your Options in Self-Publishing

There are three main ways to self-publish a book. But how to decide which way to go? What’s the difference between a small independent publisher and those online publishing companies? What is true independent publishing? What are the pros and cons of each? It’s a big hot mess out there, and one wrong move could […]

How to Self-Publish a Book

The Steps and Costs to Expect When You Self-publish a Book If you were to Google “How to self-publish a book”, over 9-million responses pop up. So how do you know what’s the right option for you? With the advent of print-on-demand intersecting with the hi-tech world of the day, the beauty is that there […]

Anatomy of a Book Layout

Readers, reviewers, and book buyers will take your self-published book more seriously when it is organized in a proper and professional manner.

Editing: Types And Tips

Getting your book edited is a long and intense process. We cover six types of editing including proofing, copy editing, manuscript evaluation and more.

Why A Book Coach Is Invaluable

Guidance Through The Maze of Self-Publishing Some people call it a book shepherd; others call it a publishing consultant, a book coach, or a publishing coach. I call it a Publisher-for-hire, and they’re all the same thing; their job is to guide the author through the maze of self-publishing. Book coaches are best used in […]

How to crowdfund to pay for your book

One of the greatest revolutions in the past few years of this self-publishing boom is the advent of crowdfunding. Here’s the hard truth – up until just a few years ago big publishing companies had full control over the content that got out into the world by saying yes or no to writers and their […]