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Top 10 Habits of Successful Writers

Writing is the kind of undertaking that can take a lifetime to master. Anyone who wants to make a go of it should probably remember this before they decide to publish. I’ve worked with dozens of writers, and the successful ones share some habits

What do an Editor and a Contractor Have in Common?

A bad manuscript might be embarrassing, or worse, completely ignored, but no one is going to wind up on the street for it. Still, editors help writers make the most of their skills and ideas that can, at times, look a lot like renovating a house.

Writers’ Biggest Fears

If you are a writer who is afraid to share your writing with the world, realize you are not alone. I posed the question of greatest fears to several talented fellow authors. What are you most afraid of when it comes to writing? Here’s what these brave souls said.

What is the difference between an ISBN, LCCN, CIP: A Guide for the Perplexed

Congratulations on writing a book! Now how do you find readers? Usually we think of labels as a bad thing, but the truth is that labels are how readers search for new books. Labeling your books correctly will help your readers find your book. And it’ll help your friendly neighborhood librarians and booksellers promote your […]