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Spark Your Writing Via Prompts

Ever find yourself confronted with a blank, white page wondering what to write about as you get started? Fear not. There are a wealth of writing prompts out there to help you on your way. You may also find ways to weave them into projects you’ve already began as well. Writing prompts come in many […]

7 Reasons to Choose Self Publishing Instead of Traditional Publishing

A true independent publisher is you – an author who starts their own publishing “imprint,” and organizes and pays for their own designing, editing, and printing of their book.  The great news is that as the big publishing houses went out of business, merged, and downsized, the professionals within those houses have flooded into the […]

Top 11 Self-Publishing Boo-Boos

The most expensive part of self-publishing your book lies in the mistakes that you make. You hire the wrong editor, but before you realize that, you owe them $3000. You sign up with a “publisher” before you discover that, yeah sure, you kept your copyrights, but you inadvertently gave away your sales rights and your […]

New Year’s Resolution – to Write Your Book

Many of us make New Year’s Resolutions in December and January, such as to get in shape & lose weight, get more sleep, earn more money, and even find a new hobby. The Huffington Post states that, “only 8 percent of people actually keep their New Year’s resolutions, according to one commonly cited statistic. There are many […]

Our 5 Favorite – and FREE — Book Marketing Tools

Book Marketing Made Easy One of the most commonly asked questions for authors that are self-publishing is ‘”How do I market my book?” We know. Marketing is a whole world in and of itself, and book marketing is very specific to the publishing industry, especially with certain book genres. Truth is, most traditional or small […]